Post (Stem Cell) Transplant Party

Pictures 7/29/99


Lori and I would like to thank each of the 104 of you who joined us for our small party to celebrate the six month anniversary of my stem cell transplant. This was a big milestone in that it means (for the most part) I can start to rejoin my life. I can fly, with some assistance from the airlines (I need their passenger compartment, engine, etc.) and I can eat Sushi, but I didn't even like it before the transplant. We would also like to thank the rest of you who attended in spirit.

We have just one question for all of you out there: Want some chicken? For those of you who weren't here, there was PLENTY of food. Lori and I have more than enough food to last the summer in our fridge ... especially chicken. We wanted to make sure that everyone had plenty of food. If anyone didn't get enough to eat, it's your own fault!

We are presently considering renting out our backyard (house not included) for other gatherings. We know we can fit 110 comfortably, we can probably do 120 without too much more work. Beyond that, it may get crowded!

I have put several party pictures up on our web page. (The URL is below, then link to Post Transplant Party on the left side). This will take you to the thumbnail's of the pictures, you can select each picture for a closer view. If anyone has any pictures from the party, Lori and I would love to get prints. We'll take them softcopy as well, but would prefer the actual prints for posterity.

Oh yeah, health issues. I had blood work done last week (prior to the party) and for the first time in quite a while, all of my counts came up in the normal range! Hip, Hip, Hooray! I have increased my work hours up to 30 hours and am planning on going to Stanford next week for my six month checkup (pending appropriate approvals)!

Guess that about covers it. Thanks again so much for everything you have done for us!