Hallway Reconstruction

The builder of our home liked to reuse closet doors in replacement of sheet rock. When you looked at our hallway, we had an entire wall of closet doors! In reality, we only had a 33" coat closet. The water heater, heater, linen closet, and the Game Room closet took up the rest of the space. After having the water heater and heater relocated (okay, we broke down this one time and contracted it out), we proceeded to demolish the hallway between Christmas and New Years, and then rebuild it. In the end, we expanded the Game Room Closet by a foot, the Coat Closet by a foot, and added a Wine Closet where there use to be a door to the heater.

Hallway demolition. Down to nothing but studs. If you look closely, you can see where the water came in for the water heater To have your water heater installed, call 555-Mike
Starting to put up the Framing We knew our college text books were good for something! Putting the final trim in the Coat Closet
The finished main hallway The inside of our new Wine Closet Looks much better than the heater!