Home Improvement

Top xx things we have learned:
  1. Hiring a contractor is for WIMPS!
  2. The right tools make the job go MUCH faster and look better
  3. The Schumacher variation of the Janz method to remove stucco reduces removing time by 90% (i.e. use an ax)
  4. Projects ALWAYS take two times longer than planned and then some
  5. Make sure to live within 5 miles of a Home Depot
  6. Don't drill throuh 40+ year old wood. You will wear your battery out first.
  7. Never trench through a water line
  8. Don't trench in the rain
  9. Electrical work is more stimulating with the power on
  10. Big Projects ALWAYS start as little projects
  11. Be friendly with your neighbors, you may need to borrow their help or tools some day
  12. Sign your work in such a way that if someone was to demolish it, they would find your signature.