Mantel Construction

When we first moved in, the living room fireplace was framed in white brick from floor to ceiling. We wanted to make this a focal point for the room (and a place to hang Christmas Stockings), so we took up the challenge of installing a mantel. The mantel is made out of solid oak, and consists of a 1x6, 1x5, a chair rail, and a molding piece. It was this project we learned the importance of having the right tools (since we didn't). Also, The mantel is screwed into the brick - we elected not to take the bricks down, so the fireplace has to fall down before the mantel does!

Nothing but brick. Covering the bricks with sheet rock We didn't spare any expense on high quality materials
Putting on the beginning pieces of the mantel. Notice the earthquake proof construction! Just because it is clean inside, doesn't necessarily mean it is clean outside!. The completed mantel- stained and securely fastened (and stockings hanging!)