December 2022

Welcome to the 29th Janz year in review. This trip around the sun we doubled down on blowing Bonairian bubbles, replaced our 28yr old roof and original gutters, performed a master bath facelift, had the Covid experience, and upgraded our 2013 Subaru Outback to a new 2023 Outback Wilderness.

For our underwater excursions, we returned to Bonaire – diving whenever, wherever, and however long the air lasts (2+ hours) is just hard to beat. The first adventure was in May where we pre-planned months ahead. Our expectation was 6 marvelous days of swimming around snapping pictures. As we were departing SFO, we realized Lori’s camera was still hanging in the closet (oops!). Fortunately, our friends Tom and Sandy had a spare Go Pro so Lori didn’t feel so “naked” underwater. Halfway into the trip Lori’s ear sprung a leak. Fun fact, did you know that blowing bubbles out your ear is not conducive to diving? Given the sudden free time, we visited the national park for the first time (it only took us 11 trips to explore topside)!

We pulled together our 2nd trip to Bonaire in 3 weeks when our work schedules magically aligned. Lori’s ears were good to go and we re-verified multiple times that all our photo gear was packed. We were glad to be back underwater and fortunately missed the Bay Area heat wave; however, our cats were not so lucky. No problem, they have AC we can control remotely .., except during a power-outage … or when the AC dies. Tolo and Trout went on a luxurious vacation at the climate-controlled Schumacher Spa. After 5 days there, Julie was reluctant to give them back 😊

Five days after returning from our 2nd Bonaire trip, Lori tested positive for Covid and 4 days after that, Mike did too (sharing is caring)! Silver lining: we no longer had to wear masks around each other. Other than a couple of days of having a stuffed-up nose (similar to a normal cold) and Mike experiencing Paxlovid tongue, nothing really extreme. The most frustrating part was feeling fine and the #$@!% Covid test still showing positive. HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!

On the home front, we tackled a couple of house projects we have been talking about for a few (many) years. We had the 28-year-old roof and original gutters (64 years!) pre-emptively replaced. We also cut back a roof over-hang and replaced the facia boards (can’t have the contractor do everything 😊). The gutter guy exclaimed it was the best facia board on the house! Overall, the new roof and gutter give the house a warmer feel and more modernized the look. For our 2nd project, we gave the master bathroom a makeover - Out with the vinyl floor, green paint, and Mike’s hand-built oak vanity. In with 2” marble tile, nautical blue/gray paint and a manufactured cherry vanity. The built-in, oak trimmed medicine cabinet still remains, but that is a project for another annual letter.

After months of deliberation and some “tough” negotiation, we agreed to sell our 2013 Subaru Outback to our niece, Ashley, for the Washington winters. Our “terms” required we to receive our new Wilderness before she could take delivery of her first car. Many months later, our Wilderness, “Opus”, arrived! We are enjoying the ride and especially the turbo! The gas mileage, not so much. We are looking forward to heading off road and long camping trips next summer.

Our kitties, Tolo and Trout, turned 1 this October. They travel well to Tahoe (sleep the entire ride). Tolo strategically hides toys all over the house (there are normally 4-5 under the China cabinet), and when he is in the mood, will play fetch (after all, he is a cat….) Trout is our “Matrix” cat. When he gets the “zoomies” he runs full speed through the hallways and up the walls to take the corners without slowing down. He has the loudest purr and LOVES belly rubs.

Mike just finished his 29th year at Lockheed and Lori passed 22 years at Intel. Mike continues to drive solo into work and complains that traffic is getting worse with people returning to the office. Intel is still allowing people to work from home, so Lori’s “long” commute is to the front bedroom. Her office gets a little noisy when Tolo and Trout decide to chase each other through the house! Outside of work, Lori is now the VP for our Tahoe HOA, and continues to manage the HOA website she created.

For 2023, we purchased new eMTBs to expand our hobbies to mountain biking, training the kitties to go camping with us (wish us luck!), and figuring out where our next dive trips will be (we are targeting somewhere in the Pacific - again). Mike will be 24 years cancer free in January and 6 years past his cardiovascular re-route in March (but who is counting….)

We hope you had a safe, healthy, and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Feel free to email us at or visit us (inluding dive pictures!) at


Mike, Lori, Tolo, & Trout